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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National DWO Database.

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ESR Risk & Response Group


ESR is the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited, a Crown Research Institute with science centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. It provides consulting, research and analytical services to government and industry, especially in the areas of environental health and forensic sciences. About 400 staff perform this work.

Within environmental health, ESR has major capabilities in the areas of water quality, food safety, population and environmental health, and communicable diseases.

Read more about ESR at the ESR website

The Risk & Response Group

The ESR Risk & Response Group is located in Christchuch, has around 40 scientific staff, and has recognised expertise in drinking water regulation and policy, surface and groundwater protection, information systems, effective water treatment and supply technologies, and working with local communities. Disciplines include chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and social sciences.

Risk & Response Group Projects especially related to drinking-water in New Zealand include:

Health and Environment Public Policy
Water Quality Surveillance and National Reporting
Information Systems Development and Management

The Risk & Response Group plays a key role in developing and managing the following systems:

Water Supply Assessment and Treatment


Many of these projects involve joint approaches with other organisations, while all involve a combination of scientific knowledge combined with working directly with those affected by the outcome.

If you would like to know more about one of these areas, check first for contacts on the ESR website or contact us in the Water Information Systems team and we will forward it to the relevant person.



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