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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National WINZ Database.

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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.

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Drinking Water Database

WINZ - Water Information for New Zealand

In New Zealand, a close working relationship between the Ministry of Health and ESR, a government science provider, has resulted in a visionary drinking-water strategy being effectively supported by a comprehensive drinking-water information system. This database system is known as WINZ, or Water Information New Zealand.

WINZ was developed by ESR for the Ministry, and is used extensively by district health boards and local bodies throughout New Zealand. Two versions are available:

1. WINZ 7

This is a desktop system used for scheduling, monitoring sample entry and evaluating compliance with the Standards. About 110 organisations use WINZ 7 on their local networks. Each has access to functionality and a supply subset relevant to their responsibilities. Data transfer mechanisms synchronise information sets at local, regional and national levels.

WINZ 7 has been greatly extended and updated since its beginnings in 1998, and remains the primary database for managing compliance.

The WINZ 7 main screen and a typical compliance screen are shown below:

WINZ 7 Main screen

Winz5 comply example

2. WINZ 6

Commenced in 2006, WINZ 6 is a fully web-based system which is used for the annual survey of drinking-water quality in New Zealand. The initial priority for WINZ 6 development was to provide the Ministry with database applications to manage the Drinking Water Assistance Programme (DWAP). Both the Technical Assistance Programme (TAP) and the Capital Assistance Programme (CAP) within DWAP were supported by WINZ 6.

For the last few years there has been no funding available for further WINZ 6 development, which means that drinking-water functionality has been shared between two systems.

An example screen from WINZ 6:

WINZ 6 Organisations example


Data discussed or presented on this website is from the national copies of the two Water Information New Zealand (WINZ) databases, which define New Zealand community drinking-water supplies and their compliance with the Standards and legislation.



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