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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.



Water Information New Zealand (WINZ) Database

Archive of all WINZ Items

Latest items are shown first. Some older items may have been superceded.

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14 Dec 2009 WINZ 5.5 released 10 Dec 2009
WINZ 5.5 is an upgrade that now allows users to demonstrate compliance against ...
14 Dec 2009 Website updated for 2007/08 Annual Review
This website has today been updated in line with the release on 26 November 2009 of the ...
7 Sep 2009 Annual Survey 2008/09 now underway in WINZ 6
The web-based WINZ 6 database is now available to drinking water assessors and water suppliers to ...
20 Jul 2009 Annual Survey 2008/09 to be Completed in WINZ 6
ESR developers are currently putting the final touches to the development of an Annual Survey module for the web-based WINZ 6 ...
3 Mar 2009 Website Updated for 2006/07 Annual Review
This website has today been updated in line with the release last week ...
17 Nov 2008 Drinkingwater website updated and extended
This website has today been updated to a new look and feel, combined with greater functionality ...
22 Apr 2008 Which Drinking-Water Standard Should Be Used?
There are currently two Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand that have been released by the Ministry of Health ...
27 Mar 2006 Annual Review 2004 now available
From 27 March 2006, summarised results from the Annual Review of Drinking-Water Quality in New Zealand 2004 ...
27 Mar 2006 WINZ 5.2 Special release available
A new sub-version of WINZ 5.2 (denoted was prepared in early March 2006 to overcome a an outstanding issue in the Annual Survey, and also to fix a potentially serious Sample Import problem ...
13 Feb 2006 Problems using WinZip for WINZ Transfers
A number of people have experienced problems using the later versions of WinZip to do data transfers. The problems have been compounded by ...
17 Jan 2006 Public Health Gradings
Public Health Gradings shown on this website are now solely those performed to the 2003 specification ...
10 Jan 2006 WINZ 5.2 Problems and Solutions
Two problems have been identified in the WINZ 5.2 pack (December 2005) sent to all WINZ users, including one that affects the importing of new supplies. A solution ...
21 Dec 2005 WINZ 5.2 Released December 2005
WINZ 5.2 represents a relatively minor but necessary upgrade so users can complete the Annual Review
7 Nov 2005 Web-based WINZ development is underway
Although the next few versions of WINZ 5 will remain in Microsoft Access 2002, development has commenced on a web-based version ...
1 Mar 2005 Website Expanded to show Annual Compliance
From 1 March 2005, this drinking-water database will show results from the Annual Review of Drinking-Water Quality in New Zealand 2003 . . .
21 Dec 2004 What's New in WINZ 5.1
WINZ 5.1 has many changes, with the largest and most obvious being in the Supply area. Grading algorithms have been rewritten ...
9 Aug 2004 Grading 2003 Specification will be in WINZ 5.1
WINZ 5.1 is currently being developed for release in probably September 2004. While we ...
4 Dec 2003 WINZ 5.0 Released and Website Expanded
WINZ 5.0 was sent to all known users on Tuesday 25 November 2003. District Health Boards will have received ... and a challenge for your spare time ...
21 Oct 2003 WINZ 5.0 expected November 2003
WINZ 5.0, developed in Microsoft Access 2002, has been delayed several times but is now looking realistic for November 2003 ...
20 Oct 2003 Public Health Grading 2003 Document Released
On 16 October 2003 we received a copy of the finalised "Public Health Grading of Community Drinking-Water Supplies 2003" ...
7 Mar 2003 WINZ Advisory Group 2003
The WINZ Advisory Group will meet in Christchurch on 28 March to discuss issues, progress and development ideas for WINZ and drinking-water quality. Contact representatives if you have ideas to share ...
11 Dec 2002 WINZ 4.9 Released Today
WINZ version 4.901 has been couriered today (Wednesday 11 December 2002) to all District Health Boards. These in turn will forward copies of the CD-ROM and instructions to local authorities in their district.
11 Dec 2002 Risk Management Plans Prototype Module in WINZ
WINZ 5.0 will have a Public Health Risk Management Plans area to help both large and small supplies meet legislative requirements. What progress have we made on this, and would you be interested in being a volunteer tester?
4 Nov 2002 Quarterly Compliance and Protozoa - Worked Example
This article works through an example of completing the Protozoa tab for plant quarterly compliance (2000) in WINZ ...
7 Oct 2002 Ministry of Health Water website now available
The Ministry of Health has consolidated their drinking-water information into one area on their site, called www.moh.govt.nz/water ...
23 Sep 2002 WINZ 4.9 coming out before WINZ 5
A final version of WINZ 4 will be released to all users in November 2002, while WINZ 5.0, to be in Microsoft Access 2002, will be delayed until April 2003. more ...
23 Sep 2002 WINZ won't run at all
There are a number of things you should check, including ...
23 Sep 2002 WINZ won't run from networked application
While the data can be on the net, and is recommended to be so, the application must be run from the hard disk...
22 Sep 2002 Problems with finding WINZData
If you can't find your data easily, there are a number of things you can do....
22 Sep 2002 Bulk water supplies to be more clearly identified
The 2002 Grading definition will specify bulk supplies as special "reticulation zones". These will be graded like ordinary distribution zones, and zones receiving their water will grade the same or lower than this...
16 Sep 2002 Updating quarterly calculations
If you change some of the factors in a quarterly calculation, you might wonder why the quarter determinand requirements don't automatically change. The reason is simple - you must hit the Update button. Why not auto? ...
13 Sep 2002 Ministry of Health Approved Laboratories
are also to be viewable from the web. This will include searchable lists of labs for a particular determinand ...
8 Sep 2002 Register to be on the web
In response to WINZ Advisory Group suggestions, the Register of Community Drinking Water Supplies in New Zealand is now included on this website. Data to support this site is expected to be updated from National WINZ at least fortnightly ....
6 Sep 2002 RMP handling to be in WINZ 5.0
Risk management plans will be able to be developed in WINZ 5.0 towards the end of the year. This will allow you to automatically create a draft set based on your supply's characteristics, then customise using a visual interface.
2 Sep 2002 Go to the web from WINZ.
Go to the Administration page, click on the General tab, and there at the bottom ...
25 Aug 2002 Speed sample entry with test groups
When you create a sample, the quickest way to add tests is to have a default group already prepared. This automatically adds result records to the sample.
25 Aug 2002 Where to put WINZ
When you install WINZ you have two choices. You can install it all on the hard drive, or put the data on the network. Don't put the application on the network though, or you'll have problems.



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