Drinking Water for New Zealand

Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National WINZ Database.

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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.


Water Information New Zealand (WINZ) Database

Data Downloads

These transfer files were extracted from the WINZ database on 26 Jun 2017.

Download the latest WINZ 7 National Transfer file

Use to update your WINZ organisations, determinands, MoH recognised labs, etc.
Note: Supplies are not included in this download. Contact ESR directly for those.

WINZ Supply Update

Since each WINZ copy contains supplies relevant to the user's responsibilities, please contact ESR or email a request to them.

Download the single table WINZSupply file

This option, providing a file for use independently of WINZ, consisting of a Microsoft Access 2010 database with a single table called WINZSupply.

As in the example below, this table lists the official codes and names for all New Zealand drinking-water zones, plants and sources. Suitable as a reference lists for related work. (Note: Use stand-alone, or import into Excel. This file does not import into WINZ itself))

Example Contents of the WINZSupply file:

To download Ministry of Health Documents

See list of relevant documents.



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