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WINZ Item: 1001 Status: Current Written: 25 August 2002

Where to put WINZ

When you install WINZ you have two choices. You can install it all on the hard drive, or put the data on the network. Don't put the application on the network though, or you'll have problems.

Putting everything on the PC is the simplest solution, but it has a number of limitations.

  1. Only you can use it.
  2. If YOU don't back it up, probably nobody else will, and data can be lost if the PC crashes or is just replaced without you knowing. (These things do happen. people ring us wondering what to do!)
  3. There is a danger of someone else adding data to another copy and hence you have two incomplete sets of data for the organisation.

If you put the data, ie the file winzdata.mdb, on the network, you can more easily overcome all of these problems. This is the recommended approach.

If you put the application on the network as well, however, you will run into problems. Not only will things move more slowly, but Microsoft Access will actually lock up or do other unpredictable things to your database. Not recommended.



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