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WINZ Item: 1008 Status: Archive Written: 22 September 2002

Bulk water supplies to be more clearly identified

The 2002 Grading definition will specify bulk supplies as special "reticulation zones". These will be graded like ordinary distribution zones, and zones receiving their water will grade the same or lower than this.

Systems that incorporate a bulk water distribution zone will therefore have two separate distribution grades: one for the bulk water reticulation zone and one for the community reticulation zone.

In systems that include a bulk water distribution zone, the bulk water supply and any community zones served by the bulk water supply will be graded separately. The monitoring requirements for the bulk water supply treatment and distribution under the DWSNZ 2000 will be those for the total community served, i.e. for the sum of all the satellite distributions. The grade of the satellite distribution zones cannot be higher than the grade of the bulk water supply.

Bulk water zones will have the same population allocated as their receiving zones. Checks will be included in WINZ however, to ensure national statistics do not double-count these populations.

Final details are still to be completed on how this data will be presented in the Register of Community Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand. Obviously we will be trying to keep the presentation simple while still showing all the relevant information. It keeps life interesting.



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