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WINZ Item: 1016 Status: Archive Written: 11 December 2002

WINZ 4.9 Released Today

WINZ version 4.901 has been couriered from ESR Water Group in Christchurch today (Wednesday 11 December 2002) to all District Health Boards. These in turn will forward copies of the CD-ROM, latest supply set on floppy disk, and instructions to local authorities in their district.

Copies are being sent separately to IANZ, laboratories and other independent current WINZ users. However, if you currently use WINZ on behalf of a particular organisation, please contact that organisation for an updated supplies transfer file.

What's New in WINZ 4.9?

1. Annual Survey 2002

This WINZ version is optimised for answering the 2002 Questionnaire regarding chemical and microbiological drinking-water quality. Please note that you must import the latest supply set (from the diskette) before you can create your questionnaire entries.


Full instructions were sent with the CD-ROM, but you can download an electronic copy of  AnnualSurvey2002Notes.zip here or from the downloads page if you wish.


2. WINZ Reports

These have undergone a major upgrade over the last few months. Bugs have been fixed, reports enhanced and additional options added.


3. Contacts

If you already keep a list of contact people in WINZ, you will appreciate the new features now available from the main WINZ menu: All contacts can now be listed in one table, ordered by either surnames or by organisation name, and there are various new reports for making printed copies.

Note: WINZ 4.8 held people's first name and full name (eg Mr J Zhang), but didn't have a separate last-name entry. This has been rectified in WINZ 4.9 and WINZ has done a one-off auto-deduction of last-names from the full name entry. Please check these, especially two-word last-names, to ensure they are now correct.


4. Miscellaneous

WINZ contains lots of other small improvements, fixes and suchlike. Note though that the Risk Management Plans Module is not yet included. A separate version will be available soon for some to test, and a full module (phase one anyway) will be included in WINZ 5.0.


What version of Microsoft Access is used?

WINZ 4.9 remains in Access 97, similar to earlier WINZ versions. Our experience has confirmed that the runtime Access version of WINZ is capable of running happily on PCs using Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP, and with any of the various versions of Microsoft Office and Access present on the same machine (ie Office 97, 2000 and XP). It is important to install the CD-ROM rather than just copying the relevant files from it in these situations.


A move to Access 2002 (as in Office XP) is coming. It was going to be this time but we've postponed it until WINZ 5.0 in about May 2003 so the Annual Survey can get underway as soon as possible.


Apart from a larger file set on CD-ROM, the user shouldn't notice major changes with WINZ 5. Please note however that WINZ 5 will NOT run under Windows 95. If you still have one of those PCs, you should start making upgrade noises soon.

Contact Us

Any queries regarding these mailings can be made to Maitland Manning at ESR, Chistchurch (Jacqui Ritchie is on leave for the next few months). For technical queries regarding installation/upgrade issues contact Alan Ferguson or Barry Mattingley.


Check our web Contacts page for more about these people.



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