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WINZ Item: 1019 Status: Archive Written: 21 October 2003

WINZ 5.0 expected November 2003

WINZ 5.0, developed in Microsoft Access 2002, has been delayed several times but is now looking realistic for November 2003. Apologies to those waiting, but a number of unforeseen problems have had to be overcome.

WINZ 5 will run in Microsoft Access 2002 rather than Access 97. This is the first platform change since October 1998, and was necessary to maintain technical compatibility in the Windows world. Most changes are behind the scenes so, apart from installation, the usual WINZ processes will be mainly unchanged

WINZ 5.0 will include ...

• the Access 2002 Runtime database platform;

• a Public Health Risk Management Plan module, which will assist users to create a plan for their water supply;

• an updated module for the 2003 calendar year Annual Review;

• many small improvements in the user interface and functionality.


... but not the Grading 2003

Because the 2003 Public Health Grading procedure has only recently been made public, the necessary changes to WINZ will be incorporated in WINZ 5.1 rather than this version. (We're already into it!)

WINZ 5.0 Distribution

The usual version distribution process will be followed: HPOs will receive all CD-ROM installation packs for local authorities in their health district, and will distribute these accordingly. Each pack will contain a CD-ROM with the new database version, a floppy disk with a supplies update transfer file, and full instructions.

Users do not need to own Microsoft Access 2002, as a fully licensed Runtime version is included on the CD-ROM. While WINZ 5.0 will run only in Access 2002, if you have any other version of Access on your PC then it should co-exist quite happily.

WINZ 5.0 will not run on Windows 95, and possibly not on Windows 98 first edition. It requires Windows NT, 2000, XP or 98 second edition.




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