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WINZ Item: 1020 Status: Archive Written: 4 December 2003

WINZ 5.0 released and Website Expanded

WINZ 5.0 Now Available

WINZ 5.0 was sent to all known users on Tuesday 25 November 2003. District Health Boards will have received a courier parcel consisting of a WINZ 5.0 installation pack for themselves, along with a pack for each local authority in their region. HPOs are encouraged to distribute these quickly. Therefore, if you are a WINZ user, you should have WINZ 5.000 available to you now (Thursday 4 December 2003)

Full written instructions for installation were sent with each pack.

If you are a laboratory already using WINZ 4.9, then you should have received your own installation package directly from us.

We've had a number of WINZ 5.0 queries in the last few days, but no bugs to date. The old story of "read the instructions first" applied to some of these queries, while for others it was a matter of guiding them through their special circumstances. The most common refrain would be "Yes, WINZ comes with an Access 2002 Runtime on the CD-ROM, so you don't have to buy Access" and "The 2002 Runtime will co-exist happily with your full copy of Access 97 or 2000.

Website Update

Now that WINZ is fully managed in Access 2002, the drinkingwater.org.nz website can be fully updated as well.

If you look around the site you will find the following changes:

Note too that the Ministry of Health has recently released both the new Grading 2003 Specification (will be incorporated in WINZ 5.1, perhaps mid-2004) and the 2002 Annual Survey report. these can both be linked-to from the MoH Documents page.


Feedback on WINZ 5.0

We are always interested in feedback from WINZ users, but especially at this time we are interested in feedback on the major new areas. For example:

Phone us or send an email. Thanks.

And a challenge for your spare time ...

On the main screen of WINZ 5, New Zealand is blue. Taking into consideration the deep philosophical meaning of this WINZ colouration, can you change it?



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