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WINZ Item: 1022 Status: Archive Written: 21 December 2004

What's New in WINZ 5.1

WINZ 5.1 has many changes, with the largest and most obvious being in the Supply area. Grading algorithms have been rewritten in line with the Grading 2003 specification and subsequent amendments of September 2004.

WINZ 5.1 was released on 15 December 2004. This article is based upon the What's New document included in the release package.

1. Annual Survey for the 2004 Calendar Year

The Annual Survey 2004 is included in WINZ 5.1. Full instructions are included in the installation pack, with an electronic copy of these included on the CD-ROM as well. The general approach of previous years has been followed. Note that you must install your latest supply details from the accompanying floppy disk before you can do the Survey. If you have no way of loading data from a floppy disk anymore (some computers have no diskette drive), please contact ESR for an emailed copy.

2. Supply Grading 2003

The Ministry of Health released the Public Health Grading of Community Drinking-Water Supplies 2003 in September 2003, with some minor amendments following in September 2004. These algorithms are now fully incorporated in WINZ 5.1, along with a complete revamp of the WINZ Supply modules.

Because the Grading specification has changed, the original Gradings are no longer supported by the data held in WINZ. Therefore, in WINZ itself the official Grades have all been reset to ungraded.

To ensure some public continuity, the following Ministry of Health procedure will be followed until 31 December 2005: Previous Grades that were calculated after 1 January 1998 are still held in the background, and will appear, suitably marked, in public reports such as the Register of Community Drinking-Water Supplies, and this website. Earlier Gradings, last calculated in 1997 or earlier, have been fully withdrawn and those supplies will appear as ungraded in all publications.

From 1 January 2006, only supplies graded to the 2003 specification will be shown as graded in all publications.

Water suppliers will be able to work through HPOs/ Drinking Water Assessors (actual details to be clarified) to have their supply graded to the 2003 specification.

3. Supply Interface Improved

Major changes have been made in this area. With the changes in the Grading, it was a good (or overdue!!) opportunity to completely revamp the Supply Workbench, improve the data views, add extra details for treatments and provide more flexibility for users. There are also improvements to the reports available from these pages

A key improvement has been the addition of a Trial Grading module. Simply put, this takes a copy of your real grading data for a distribution zone, treatment plant or source, lets you edit it, then automatically recalculates a "Trial Grading" based on that information. You can do this using either real or wishful data, and change it as much as you like. With the WINZ 5.1 extended data Transfer facilities, you can also send a copy to an HPO or drinking-water assessor.

Note, of course, that the real Grading can only be changed in National WINZ after going through the official process. The Trial Grading facilities exist independently of those.

4. Flexible Supply Export

Up until now, all District Health Boards (DHBs) and all territorial local authorities (LAs) received a WINZ supply set that included all community drinking-water supplies in their geographical area. Independent laboratories could, with the permission of a relevant LA, receive a copy of that LA supply set so they could enter samples directly into it. Where a laboratory did work for two LAs, they therefore needed to run two independent copies of WINZ.

From WINZ 5.1 onwards, supply sets can be more flexible. While the default will still be based upon geographical area of responsibility, it is now possible for national WINZ to send out a number of combinations.

These include:

  1. All supplies for two or more LAs in one Supply Transfer file. This means a laboratory could run one WINZ for all clients. (The lab must provide us with formal LA approval for their dataset before it will be included.)
  2. A subset of all supplies of one or more supply types (eg All schools in an LA region, or all non-private supplies.)
  3. All relevant supplies except those specified.
  4. A specific list of supplies only.

In each case, any organisation requesting supplies that do not default to their span of responsibility will need to provide us with formal approval from the LA or supply owner before we can add the supplies to their set.

This flexibility means that, in theory, an LA could receive and manage only those supplies which it owns rather than all public and private supplies in their area. At this stage however we are exercising caution and will consult with the Ministry of Health before acting on such requests.

5. Reports updated

Throughout WINZ, a number of reports have been fixed or improved.

6. Web about to show Annual Survey

Early in 2005 it is anticipated that www.drinkingwater.org.nz will be able to show summary results from the Annual Survey as part of the data on each individual supply. (The latest survey data shown will be the latest that has been released and published by MoH.)

7. WINZ On-Screen Help

The WINZ on-screen documentation has been updated and expanded somewhat, but there is still a way to go before all the WINZ 4.9 screens are replaced. Updated sections on Risk Management Plans, Grading and Installation are present. The Help is now in HTML-Help format and can be read outside WINZ simply by double-clicking the file c:\Program Files\ESRWater\WINZ\WINZ5Help.chm

8. Other Changes

8.1 WINZ in General
8.2 Transfer Workbench
8.3 Everywhere Else

Lots of minor improvements, fixes and clarifications, too numerous to mention.



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