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WINZ Item: 1024 Status: Current Written: 8 November 2005

Web-based WINZ Development is Underway

Although the next few versions of WINZ 5 will remain in Microsoft Access 2002, development has commenced on a web-based version to take its place. Full conversion is expected to take three years, but some areas, especially to support the Ministry of Health TAP and CAP programmes, will start to be available from mid-2006.

What's happening in the meantime?

While it would be good to move immediately to a web-based system, the amount of work required is immense and will take several years to complete. In the meantime, WINZ needs to manage the 2005 Annual Survey and also meet the requirements of the new Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand (DWSNZ) 2005 as soon as possible.

Therefore the following versions of WINZ is Microsoft Access will be released in the next few months:

Because the web version (WINZ 6) will not include all WINZ 5.x facilities for several years, further desktop versions are likely at the end of 2006 and 2007.

What will change with a web database?

Many things. Here's a few of them:

The database technology used is still being investigated, but is expected to use a Microsoft .NET 2005 Smart Client approach. This will give a good balance between speed of response and maintaining the rich user interface to which WINZ users have become accustomed.

Before WINZ 6 has full functionality, will there be problems with two systems operating at once?

Challenges yes, but the development will be planned as carefully as possible to minimise these being an issue for the average WINZ user.

Plans for year 1 development of WINZ 6 specifically exclude areas such as grading, compliance and the Annual Review. These will be incorporated in subsequent years.

But, by 1 July 2006, WINZ 6 is expected to:

What will happen to the old (WINZ 5) data?

Suppliers and DHBs will have the option, when WINZ 6 is fully operational, of sending their data to National WINZ and having it incorporated in WINZ 6.

More Information

More details will be added on this site as development takes place.

Learn more about TAP and CAP from the Ministry of Health website, or read the Budget 2005 announcement.



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