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WINZ Item: 1025 Status: Archive Written: 21 Dec 2005

WINZ 5.2 Released December 2005

WINZ 5.2 represents a relatively minor but necessary upgrade so users can complete the Annual Review for 2005. Changes with respect to the NZ Drinking-Water Standards 2005 will be included in a version to be released in a few months time.

WINZ 5.1 was released on 19 December 2005. This article is based upon the What's New document included in the release package.

As usual, the CD-ROMs and instructions were sent to district health boards, from where DWAs will distribute packs to local authorities.

1. Annual Survey for the 2005 Calendar Year

The Annual Survey 2005 is included in WINZ 5.2. Full instructions are included in your installation pack, with an electronic copy of these included on the CD-ROM as well. The general approach of previous years has been followed.

Note that you must install your latest supply details from the accompanying floppy disk before you can do the Survey. If you have no way of loading data from a floppy disk anymore (some computers have no diskette drive), please contact Jacqui.Ritchie@esr.cri.nz for an emailed copy.

2. WinZip

Earlier in 2005, some people told us that the latest versions of WinZip didn't work properly when exporting or importing WINZ data. Versions 8 or earlier work OK, but we now have a way to use the latest ones. It does however require an additional setup step.

If you have WinZip 9 or 10, you need an extra downloaded file before you can zip files with WINZ. The download is called a "Command Line Add-on." You can get the latest one (for WinZip 10) from their website (click the link on the WINZ > Administration screen) and just follow the directions there.

SPECIAL NOTE, Feb 2006: You have to get WinZip 10 Pro Version to use the add-On. The Std version no longer supports it.

In their wisdom however, WinZip no longer seems to offer the WinZip 9 add-on. If you do need this to go with WinZip 9, and don't want to update to WinZip 10 at the moment, please contact us.

3. Reports updated

A number of reports have been fixed or improved.

4. Highlights of Things Still to Come

4.1 Compliance

The next version, WINZ 5.3 will be released in approximately 4 months. It will contain a major rewrite of compliance and scheduling areas using the NZ Drinking-Water Standards 2005. Compliance will be evaluated using quarterly or annual time periods, and is expected to have facilities to manage varying population. All users will receive a copy of this.

4.2 Web-based WINZ

The initial stages of creating a web-based WINZ are now underway. This will eventually contain support for the TAP and CAP requirements, as well as the current WINZ features. Full development will take 3 to 4 years, but functionality will start to become available in some areas during 2006.



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