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WINZ Item: 1028 Status: Current Written: 13 February 2006

Problems using WinZip for WINZ Transfers

A number of people have experienced problems with using the later versions of WinZip to do data transfers. The problems have been compounded by the support information we supplied with WINZ 5.2 and on the web in the Dec 2005 article "WINZ 5.2 Released December 2005" which said that WinZip 10 will work OK.

It should have said "The Pro version of WinZip 10 will work OK."


When data is sent between one copy of WINZ to another, the file is usually compressed ("zipped") to save space and to put it in a format that is more acceptable for email transfers. For this purpose, WINZ users need a copy of a commercial programme called WinZip. (And despite the similarity of the names, that's just a coincidence!)

Up until two years ago, things generally worked well. WINZ users could just buy and install WinZip and the transfers would work.

But then things became more complicated. The situation for WinZip versions up to 10.0 (the current version) are outlined below. As to the future, we are unsure. Eventually WINZ will move to a web-based server system and this issue will disappear, but in the meantime we will also investigate to see if there are realistic alternatives.

Summary of WinZip Compatibility with WINZ

Winzip 7 or 8

Works fine. Doesn't need any extra files to work with WINZ.

Winzip 9

If you have WinZip 9, you need an extra WinZip component before you can zip files within WINZ. The component is called a "Command Line Add-on." This used to be freely available for download to WinZip 9 owners. You downloaded it, double-clicked to install it on your PC, and then WINZ worked fine.

However, since WinZip 10 was released (during 2005,) the WinZip makers no longer offer the WinZip 9 add-on for people with that version. WINZ users who own WinZip 9 and want the appropriate add-on rather than update to WinZip 10, should contact us.

Winzip 10

Unlike earlier versions of WinZip, WinZip 10 comes in two versions: Standard and Pro.

The Standard version cannot be used from within WINZ and there are no add-ons to improve this. Only the pro version is now suitable.

The Pro version requires an extra downloaded file before you can zip files with WINZ. The download is called a "Command Line Add-on." You can get the latest one (for WinZip 10) from their website (click the link on the WINZ > Administration screen) and just follow the directions there.



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