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WINZ Item: 1029 Status: Archive Written: 27 March 2006

WINZ 5.2 Special release available

A new sub-version of WINZ 5.2 (denoted was prepared in early March 2006 to overcome an outstanding issue in the Annual Survey, and also to fix a potentially serious Sample Import problem.

Problem Area #1

May affect a few users still completing their Annual Review Entries

Any users still having issues with completing the Annual Survey should contact their local drinking-water assessor or the National WINZ staff. In some circumstances, especially related to secure groundwater, users may need to install this new sub-version of WINZ ( so that all data entry logic works as expected.

If you have completed the Annual Survey for 2005, or you are not having problems, then you do not need this update.

The new sub-version was sent to all DHBs in early March, and is available to any WINZ user needing it.

Problem #2

Potentially affects any WINZ user performing a Sample Import.

It has recently come to our notice that there is a potentially serious bug in the Sample Import module of WINZ 5.2. If samples are imported with "Overwrite Always" selected, then sample and results data can be corrupted and unrecoverable.

While this is not the default way of importing samples, and is rarely used, it is potentially a major problem if people do not have a recent backup of their data to go back to.

The subversion (which means sub-release 3 of WINZ 5.2) should be requested and installed before any non-std sample importing is performed.

If you have any concerns about these issues, or need further clarification, please contact us at ESR. Thanks to those who have assisted in identifying these issues.



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