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WINZ Item: 1030 Status: Archive Written: 27 March 2006

Annual Review 2004 now available

From 27 March 2006, summarised results from the Annual Review of Drinking-Water Quality in New Zealand 2004 replace those of the previous year. Therefore, if you choose a supply on the Water Supplies page, you can view the compliance with the Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand 2000 for that supply.

The official Annual Review 2004 report can be viewed as a pdf file on the Ministry of Health website.

Why not Compliance for 2005?

The website can only show details for what has been publicly released by the Ministry of Health, and they in turn can only release an Annual Review after the review process has been completed.

This process includes: data gathered and reported by water suppliers, audited by HPOs, consolidated in National WINZ, validated, analysed and reported to the Ministry (by Andrew Ball at ESR), further analysis and discussion with relevant bodies by the Ministry, printing and release.

The Annual Review 2005 was released to the public on 22 March 2006. When the 2005 Review is released in another 12 months or so, its data will replace that currently showing on the website.

Differences between the Annual Review and its presentation on this website

While the data is fundamentally the same, the following differences in the detail presented should be noted:



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