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WINZ Item: 1033 Status: Current Written: 3 March 2009

Website Updated for 2006/07 Annual Review

This website has today been updated in line with the release last week of the "Annual Review of Drinking-Water Quality in New Zealand 2006/07." This means that individual supplies (choose one on the Water Supplies tab) will show compliance for 2006/07.

The Annual Review is now completed for 12 month periods from 1 July through to 30 June, rather than calendar years as previously. Data is compiled soon after each period ends. Data analysis by ESR follows, results are discussed with supplies where necessary, and a report is forwarded to the Ministry of Health for approval and eventual public release.

Individual supply compliance status is shown on this website once the report is public.

See the Ministry website for the full report in PDF format. A summary document is also available on the same page.

Read more about the Annual Review process.




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