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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National WINZ Database.

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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.



Water Information New Zealand (WINZ) Database

Troubleshooting WINZ

All sorts of troubleshooting help will appear here, but predominantly for WINZ 5 in Microsoft Access. Make it your first point of call if the on-screen WINZ Help doesn't give you the answers you need.

If these don't help, then contact us.

Newer items are shown first.

Posted          Details Item
13 Feb 2006 Problems using WinZip for WINZ Transfers
A number of people have experienced problems using the later versions of WinZip to do data transfers. The problems have been compounded by ...
23 Sep 2002 WINZ won't run at all
There are a number of things you should check, including ...
23 Sep 2002 WINZ won't run from networked application
While the data can be on the net, and is recommended to be so, the application must be run from the hard disk...
22 Sep 2002 Problems with finding WINZData
If you can't find your data easily, there are a number of things you can do....
16 Sep 2002 Updating quarterly calculations
If you change some of the factors in a quarterly calculation, you might wonder why the quarter determinand requirements don't automatically change. The reason is simple - you must hit the Update button. Why not auto? ...
25 Aug 2002 Where to put WINZ
When you install WINZ you have two choices. You can install it all on the hard drive, or put the data on the network. Don't put the application on the network though, or you'll have problems.

Note: Older articles remain here if their contents are still broadly applicable to current WINZ versions.



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