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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National WINZ Database.

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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.


Water Information New Zealand (WINZ) Database

WINZ Future

Initial development of a fully-web version of WINZ (WINZ 6) commenced in 2006, but priority for the first years was on meeting the main needs of the Drinking-Water Assistance Programme. However, development was put on hold in 2009 and was not clear for some time as to when a web version would be available for all functionality.

In early 2014, the desktop version was updated to a later version of the underlying software, but this was a platform migration only - it remains a desktop version,

In August 2015, the Ministry of Health released a Request for Proposal for a web-based replacement database and the tender was subsequently awarded to Beca. Development commenced in 2016.

Status at January 2017: The new database is expected to replace WINZ for most functionality in mid-2017, but the Annual Survey for 2016/17 will remain in WINZ for this period. While Beca will be responsible for the technical management of the database, ESR is will continue with data management and support at a national level.

For Now, Data Management with Two Versions ...

While It is more difficult to manage data in two national drinking-water database systems than it is to manage it in one, that is the situation we have been in for a number of years.

The key principle used for this period is:

" One type of data will be editable in only one version (the primary version) at any one time. Data in the other version will where necessary be regularly synchronised, but will be a read-only copy."

For example, water samples continue to be entered in the desktop (WINZ 7) version, but the Annual Survey of compliance with the Standards and legislation is performed in the web version.


This page last updated: 30 January 2017.



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