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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National WINZ Database.

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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.



Water Information New Zealand (WINZ) Database

WINZ Today

winz 5 mainThe WINZ database is managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health. It is used extensively by district health boards and water suppliers throughout New Zealand.

Currently a WINZ 7 desktop version (Microsoft Access), and a WINZ 6 web version exist, with different areas of functionality available in each.

At some stage in the future, a purely web version would ideally combine all functionality. (more about WINZ)

This page aims to inform users of WINZ 7 of current version details, ESR and MoH contacts, and various items of relevance to WINZ operation.

Downloads for WINZ 7


Current WINZ

Main Version 7.0.02
Released 23 June 2014
Latest Fixes 7.0.02
Next major release Not currently planned

Structure of Community Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand

A Register of Supplies is no longer created, although a Register of Suppliers is published annually by the Ministry of Health. Link to it here.

Changes to supplies can be submitted for the database by drinking water assessors at any time. These will be updated in the National WINZ database, distributed to relevant parties on request, and shown on this web site, which is updated weekly.

If you find incorrect supply data in WINZ or in the Register of Community Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand, please contact your local drinking water assessor at the district health board.

Downloads to keep your WINZ current

WINZ 7 contains many lookup tables for organisations, determinands, MoH Recognised Tests, etc. Download the latest copy of these tables directly from the Download area on this website.

NOTE: Because the supplies in your copy of WINZ are specific to your responsibilities, contact ESR through the usual channels to get a supply set update. Supplies are not included in the website download.

Discussions and more water-related information

Discussions about WINZ and drinking-water issues may be available to drinking water assessors and local authorities on the Ministry of Health discussion pages, or email your comments to one of the MoH or ESR Contacts directly.

Similarly, formal drinking-water documents are made available, usually as PDF files, on the MoH site, but you can go directly to specific documents from our formal documents link page.



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