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Water Carriers

Water Carriers

The Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007 specifies that, from 1 July 2008, water carriers must be registered and their registration renewed annually. This includes transporters of drinking-water that use trucks, trailers, vessels, rail wagons and demountable tanks.

The carrier completes a paper form, which is assessed by a Drinking Water Assessor (DWA) from their Public Health Service Provider. Details include name and address, water supplies used for extraction, water tanks (trucks, trailers, separate tanks, etc) and fittings. These details are then entered in the national DWO database. Once details are in and confirmed correct, the carrier is registered from that date.

Initial registration does not require an accompanying DWA certification process.

Registration covers one year. Before that year ends, the carrier must be certificated by a DWA and then their registration renewed for another year. While certification and re-registration are two different processes, in practice a DWA may complete both processes at the same time.

A list of Water Carriers with current registration is publicly viewable on this website. Where a carrier's registration has lapsed beyond several months, they will no longer be displayed.



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