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The following links may be useful. Please email us if you know of others.

See also the MoH Documents tab, which has links to some Ministry of Health formal documents.

Drinking Water in New Zealand
  Ministry of Health
  Ministry of Health - section on Drinking Water   Publications
  IANZ and Recognised Tests
  Water New Zealand
  Watercare (Auckland water supply)
  Wellington Water
  Christchurch Water
  Government Inquiry into Havelock North Drinking Water
  ESR: Public Health Surveillance
  Australian drinking water guidelines (2011) updated 2017
  NSW Health - Drinking Water
  Water Research Australia
United States
  Environmental Protection Agency: Water
  EPA: Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
  EPA: Drinking Water Contaminants - Standards and Regulations
  American Water Works Association
  EPA Drinking Water for Kids
  CDC: Drinking Water      CDC: US Stds & Regulations
  European Commission - drinking water
  UK Drinking Water Inspectorate - Advice leaflets     Annual Reports
  WHO Water Sanitation and Health
  WHO Drinking Water    WHO Guidelines



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