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Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007

The Act was passed in October 2007. This replaces a mainly voluntary approach to ensuring water supplies provide safe water.

Read the Act here or as a pdf for the authoritative details. The following is a simplified summary.

DW Act

Purpose of the Act

"... to protect the health and safety of people and communities by promoting adequate supplies of safe and wholesome drinking water from all drinking-water supplies."

Requirements in the Act

Where this website lists entries from a Register, there is a link to the list below.

Water suppliers must:

A Water Carrier (someone who supplies drinking-water by tanker rather than pipes) must:


Drinking Water Assessors (DWAs) are empowered to:


Monitoring tests must be carried out by a recognised laboratory. (see list)

When do Supplies have to Comply with the Act?

See the Act itself for details of what constitutes a drinking-water supply, because a number of factors such as ownership, population, and who can access the water affect whether supplies are covered, and to what extent.

For those supplies that need to comply, dates are as follows:

Supply size Population Range Must comply from
New supplies - 1 July 2012
Large 10,001 or more 1 July 2012
Medium 5,001 - 10,000 1 July 2013
Minor 501 - 5,000 1 July 2014
Small 101 - 500 1 July 2015
Neighbourhood 25 - 100 1 July 2016
Rural agricultural - 1 July 2016


Note that, if you're not sure how, or cannot afford, to improve your supply to compliance level, assistance may be available to you through the Drinking Water Assistance Programme (DWAP).



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