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Drinking-Water Supplier Registration

The Register of Drinking-water Suppliers for New Zealand is printed annually by the Ministry of Health, as required by section 69J(3) of the Health Act 1956. It is a Register of drinking-water suppliers and specified self-suppliers.

The Director-General must maintain a register of persons who are:

Registration is actioned through drinking-water assessors at the public health units of district health boards.

Register entries for networked suppliers and specified self-suppliers follow this template;

The 2014 Register documented 964 suppliers as at 21 May 2014. These were categorised as:





Network suppliers




Specified self suppliers




Register of Water Carriers

While defined as part of the Register of Drinking-water Suppliers, a physically separate document is available to show water carriers.

You can also learn more about water carriers and see carrier registration details elsewhere on this site.

Registration of a Supply's Structure

As part of the supplier registration, each supply is defined by Drinking Water Assessors at district health boards, who work closely with water suppliers to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date. Supply definitions are recorded in WINZ, with details being updated whenever a supply structure changes.

For each supply, the supply structure records:

If more than 500 people are served, it may also record:

The public health grading is an evaluation of both the actual water quality and the underlying measures taken to minimise risk. Those measures ensure that the water remains safe and wholesome now and in the future.

Most supplies listed are publicly owned, but some are private. For example, country motor camps or motels serving 25 people or more are expected to be registered. Registration of smaller supplies is voluntary.





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