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Analytica Laboratories Ltd


Address Ruakura Research Centre
Private Bag 3123
Hamilton 3240
Phone (07) 974 4740
Fax (null)
Email (null)
Website (null)

53 Analytical Tests

No.   Determinand Full Name Method Full Name Determinand Short Method Short Lab Short
1.   1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane GCMS Headspace 12B3CP GCMSHS Analytica
2.   1,2-Dibromoethane GCMS Headspace 12BE GCMSHS Analytica
3.   1,2-Dichlorobenzene GCMS Headspace 12CBZ GCMSHS Analytica
4.   1,2-Dichloroethane GCMS Headspace 12CE GCMSHS Analytica
5.   1,2-Dichloropropane GCMS Headspace 12CP GCMSHS Analytica
6.   1,3 Dichloropropene GCMS Headspace 13CEE GCMSHS Analytica
7.   1,4-Dichlorobenzene GCMS Headspace 14CBZ GCMSHS Analytica
8.   2,4,6-Trichlorophenol Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS 246CPH LLEGCM Analytica
9.   Aldrin + Dieldrin Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS ALDIEL GCMSMS Analytica
10.   Antimony ICPMS Digestion Sb ICPMSD Analytica
11.   Arsenic ICPMS Digestion As ICPMSD Analytica
12.   Barium ICPMS Digestion Ba ICPMSD Analytica
13.   Benzene GCMS Headspace BENZ GCMSHS Analytica
14.   Benzo[a]pyrene Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS BZAPY LLEGCM Analytica
15.   Boron ICPMS Digestion B ICPMSD Analytica
16.   Bromodichloromethane GCMS Headspace CHBCl2 GCMSHS Analytica
17.   Bromoform GCMS Headspace CHBr3 GCMSHS Analytica
18.   Cadmium ICPMS Digestion Cd ICPMSD Analytica
19.   Carbon Tetrachloride GCMS Headspace CCl4 GCMSHS Analytica
20.   Chlordane Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS Chlord GCMSMS Analytica
21.   Chloroform GCMS Headspace CHCl3 GCMSHS Analytica
22.   Chromium ICPMS Digestion Cr ICPMSD Analytica
23.   Copper ICPMS Digestion Cu ICPMSD Analytica
24.   Cyanide Distillation CN DISTIL Analytica
25.   DDT and Isomers Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS DDT GCMSMS Analytica
26.   Di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS D2EHPT LLEGCM Analytica
27.   Dibromochloromethane GCMS Headspace CHB2CL GCMSHS Analytica
28.   Dichloromethane GCMS Headspace CH2Cl2 GCMSHS Analytica
29.   Endrin Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS ENDRIN GCMSMS Analytica
30.   Ethylbenzene GCMS Headspace EBZ GCMSHS Analytica
31.   Hexachlorobutadiene GCMS Headspace HEXCBD GCMSHS Analytica
32.   Lead ICPMS Digestion Pb ICPMSD Analytica
33.   Lindane Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS LINDAN GCMSMS Analytica
34.   Manganese ICPMS Digestion Mn ICPMSD Analytica
35.   Mercury ICPMS Digestion Hg ICPMSD Analytica
36.   Methoxychlor Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS MOXYCL GCMSMS Analytica
37.   Molybdenum ICPMS Digestion Mo ICPMSD Analytica
38.   Nickel ICPMS Digestion Ni ICPMSD Analytica
39.   Nitrate (as NO3) Cadmium Reduction, Flow Inject NO3 CDRDFI Analytica
40.   Nitrite (as NO2) Cadmium Reduction, Flow Inject NO2 CDRDFI Analytica
41.   Nitrite (as NO2) Diazotization Colorimetry NO2 DIAZ Analytica
42.   Nitrite (as NO2) Ion Chromatography NO2 IC Analytica
43.   pH pH Meter pH PHM Analytica
44.   Selenium ICPMS Digestion Se ICPMSD Analytica
45.   Styrene GCMS Headspace Styren GCMSHS Analytica
46.   Tetrachloroethene GCMS Headspace T4CE GCMSHS Analytica
47.   Toluene GCMS Headspace TOLUEN GCMSHS Analytica
48.   Trichloroethene GCMS Headspace T3CEE GCMSHS Analytica
49.   Trihalomethanes GCMS Headspace THM GCMSHS Analytica
50.   Turbidity Turbidity Meter Turb TMET Analytica
51.   Uranium ICPMS Digestion U ICPMSD Analytica
52.   Vinyl Chloride GCMS Headspace VINYLC GCMSHS Analytica
53.   Xylenes GCMS Headspace Xylene GCMSHS Analytica

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 21 Oct 2019.



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