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Eurofins ELS


Address PO Box 36-105
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045
Phone (04) 576-5016
Fax (04) 576-5017
Email WaterNZ@eurofins.com
Website www.eurofins.co.nz

151 Analytical Tests

No.   Determinand Full Name Method Full Name Determinand Short Method Short Lab Short
1.   1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane Static Headspace GC-MS 12B3CP SHSGCM EuroELS
2.   1,2-Dibromoethane Static Headspace GC-MS 12BE SHSGCM EuroELS
3.   1,2-Dichlorobenzene Static Headspace GC-MS 12CBZ SHSGCM EuroELS
4.   1,2-Dichloroethane Static Headspace GC-MS 12CE SHSGCM EuroELS
5.   1,2-Dichloroethene Static Headspace GC-MS 12CEE SHSGCM EuroELS
6.   1,2-Dichloropropane Static Headspace GC-MS 12CP SHSGCM EuroELS
7.   1,3 Dichloropropene Static Headspace GC-MS 13CEE SHSGCM EuroELS
8.   1,4-Dichlorobenzene Static Headspace GC-MS 14CBZ SHSGCM EuroELS
9.   2,4,5-Trichlorophenol Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec 245CPH LCMSMS EuroELS
10.   2,4-DB Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec 24DB LCMSMS EuroELS
11.   2,4-Dichlorophenol Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec 24CPH LCMSMS EuroELS
12.   Acrylamide Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Acryld LLEGCM EuroELS
13.   Alachlor Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS ALACHL LLLCMS EuroELS
14.   Alachlor Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS ALACHL LLEGCM EuroELS
15.   Aldicarb Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS Aldic GCMSMS EuroELS
16.   Aldicarb Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS Aldic LLLCMS EuroELS
17.   Aldicarb Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Aldic LLEGCM EuroELS
18.   Aldrin + Dieldrin Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS ALDIEL LLEGCM EuroELS
19.   Antimony Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Sb ICPMS EuroELS
20.   Arsenic Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec As ICPMS EuroELS
21.   Arsenic Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss As ICPOES EuroELS
22.   Atrazine Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS ATRAZ LLLCMS EuroELS
23.   Atrazine Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS ATRAZ LLEGCM EuroELS
24.   Azinphos methyl Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS AZINPH GCMSMS EuroELS
25.   Azinphos methyl Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS AZINPH LLLCMS EuroELS
26.   Barium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Ba ICPMS EuroELS
27.   Barium Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Ba ICPOES EuroELS
28.   Benzene Static Headspace GC-MS BENZ SHSGCM EuroELS
29.   Benzo[a]pyrene Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS BZAPY LLEGCM EuroELS
30.   Boron Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec B ICPMS EuroELS
31.   Boron Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss B ICPOES EuroELS
32.   Bromacil Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS BROMAC LLEGCM EuroELS
33.   Bromate Ion Chromatography BrO3 IC EuroELS
34.   Bromodichloromethane Static Headspace GC-MS CHBCl2 SHSGCM EuroELS
35.   Bromoform Static Headspace GC-MS CHBr3 SHSGCM EuroELS
36.   Cadmium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Cd ICPMS EuroELS
37.   Cadmium Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Cd ICPOES EuroELS
38.   Calcium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Ca ICPMS EuroELS
39.   Calcium Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Ca ICPOES EuroELS
40.   Carbofuran Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS CARBOF LLLCMS EuroELS
41.   Carbofuran Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS CARBOF LLEGCM EuroELS
42.   Carbon Tetrachloride Static Headspace GC-MS CCl4 SHSGCM EuroELS
43.   Chlorate Ion Chromatography ClO3 IC EuroELS
44.   Chlordane Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Chlord LLEGCM EuroELS
45.   Chlorine (Elemental) DPD Portable Colorimetry Cl(E) DPDPC EuroELS
46.   Chlorite Ion Chromatography CLO2- IC EuroELS
47.   Chloroform Static Headspace GC-MS CHCl3 SHSGCM EuroELS
48.   Chlorotoluron Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS CHLOTO GCMSMS EuroELS
49.   Chlorpyrifos Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS CPYF LLLCMS EuroELS
50.   Chlorpyrifos Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS CPYF LLEGCM EuroELS
51.   Chromium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Cr ICPMS EuroELS
52.   Chromium Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Cr ICPOES EuroELS
53.   Copper Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Cu ICPMS EuroELS
54.   Copper Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Cu ICPOES EuroELS
55.   Cryptosporidium species Filter immunomag flu ColorSeed Crypt FIMFCS EuroELS
56.   Cyanazine Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS CYANZN LLEGCM EuroELS
57.   DDT and Isomers Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS DDT LLEGCM EuroELS
58.   Dibromochloromethane Static Headspace GC-MS CHB2CL SHSGCM EuroELS
59.   Dichloromethane Static Headspace GC-MS CH2Cl2 SHSGCM EuroELS
60.   Dichlorprop Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec DCPROP LCMSMS EuroELS
61.   Dimethoate Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS DMEOAT LLLCMS EuroELS
62.   Dimethoate Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS DMEOAT LLEGCM EuroELS
63.   Diuron Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS DIURON GCMSMS EuroELS
64.   Diuron Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS DIURON LLEGCM EuroELS
65.   E. coli Colilert Ecoli COLILE EuroELS
66.   E. coli Colilert Quanti-Tray (51 Well) Ecoli ColiQT51 EuroELS
67.   E. coli Colilert Quanti-Tray (97 well) Ecoli ColiQT EuroELS
68.   E. coli Colilert, MPN option Ecoli ColMPN EuroELS
69.   E. coli Colilert-18 Quantitray (51 wel Ecoli Co18QT51 EuroELS
70.   E. coli ColiTag Ecoli ColTag EuroELS
71.   E. coli Membrane Filtration Ecoli MF EuroELS
72.   E. coli Readycult Coliforms, Merck Ecoli ReadyC EuroELS
73.   Endrin Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS ENDRIN LLEGCM EuroELS
74.   Epichlorohydrin Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS Epichl LLLCMS EuroELS
75.   Ethylbenzene Static Headspace GC-MS EBZ SHSGCM EuroELS
76.   Faecal Coliforms Membrane Filtration FC MF EuroELS
77.   Fenoprop Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec Fenopr LCMSMS EuroELS
78.   Fluoride Ion Chromatography F IC EuroELS
79.   Fluoride SPADNS Colorimetry F SPAD EuroELS
80.   Free Available Chlorine DPD Titration FAC DPD EuroELS
81.   Free Cyanide Colorimetry (unspecified reag) CNFREE COLOR EuroELS
82.   Giardia species Filter immunomag flu ColorSeed Giard FIMFCS EuroELS
83.   Hexachlorobutadiene Static Headspace GC-MS HEXCBD SHSGCM EuroELS
84.   Hexazinone Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS HEXAZN LLLCMS EuroELS
85.   Hexazinone Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS HEXAZN LLEGCM EuroELS
86.   Isoproturon Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS ISOPRO GCMSMS EuroELS
87.   Isoproturon Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS ISOPRO LLLCMS EuroELS
88.   Lead Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Pb ICPMS EuroELS
89.   Lead Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Pb ICPOES EuroELS
90.   Lindane Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS LINDAN LLEGCM EuroELS
91.   Manganese Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Mn ICPMS EuroELS
92.   Manganese Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Mn ICPOES EuroELS
93.   MAV sum ratio for THMs Calculated MAVTHM CALC EuroELS
94.   MCPA Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec MCPA LCMSMS EuroELS
95.   Mecoprop Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec MECO LCMSMS EuroELS
96.   Mercury Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Hg ICPMS EuroELS
97.   Metalaxyl Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS METAXL LLLCMS EuroELS
98.   Metalaxyl Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS METAXL LLEGCM EuroELS
99.   Methoxychlor Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS MOXYCL LLEGCM EuroELS
100.   Metolachlor Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Metola LLEGCM EuroELS
101.   Metribuzin Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS METBZN LLLCMS EuroELS
102.   Metribuzin Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS METBZN LLEGCM EuroELS
103.   Molinate Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS Molina GCMSMS EuroELS
104.   Molinate Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Molina LLEGCM EuroELS
105.   Molybdenum Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Mo ICPMS EuroELS
106.   Nickel Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Ni ICPMS EuroELS
107.   Nickel Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Ni ICPOES EuroELS
108.   Nitrate (as NO3) Cadmium Reduction, Flow Inject NO3 CDRDFI EuroELS
109.   Nitrate (as NO3) Ion Chromatography NO3 IC EuroELS
110.   Nitrite (as NO2) Ion Chromatography NO2 IC EuroELS
111.   Oryzalin Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS ORYZLN LLEGCM EuroELS
112.   Oxadiazon Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS OXADZN LLEGCM EuroELS
113.   Pendimethalin Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS Pendim LLLCMS EuroELS
114.   Pendimethalin Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Pendim LLEGCM EuroELS
115.   Pentachlorophenol Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec PCP LCMSMS EuroELS
116.   pH pH Meter pH PHM EuroELS
117.   Picloram Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec PICLOR LCMSMS EuroELS
118.   Pirimiphos methyl Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS PIRIMM LLEGCM EuroELS
119.   Pirimisulfuron methyl Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS PIRSUL GCMSMS EuroELS
120.   Procymidone Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS PROCYM LLEGCM EuroELS
121.   Propazine Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS PROPZN LLEGCM EuroELS
122.   Pyriproxifen Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS Pyprox GCMSMS EuroELS
123.   Pyriproxifen Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS Pyprox LLLCMS EuroELS
124.   Selenium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Se ICPMS EuroELS
125.   Selenium Ind Coupled Plasma + Opt Emiss Se ICPOES EuroELS
126.   Simazine Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS SIMAZN LLLCMS EuroELS
127.   Simazine Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS SIMAZN LLEGCM EuroELS
128.   Styrene Static Headspace GC-MS Styren SHSGCM EuroELS
129.   Temperature Thermometer TEMP THERM EuroELS
130.   Terbacil Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS Terbcl LLEGCM EuroELS
131.   Terbuthylazine Liq.Liq.Extract LC MS MS TERBAZ LLLCMS EuroELS
132.   Terbuthylazine Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS TERBAZ LLEGCM EuroELS
133.   Tetrachloroethene Static Headspace GC-MS T4CE SHSGCM EuroELS
134.   Thiabendazole Liq.Liq. Extract GC MS MS THIBZL GCMSMS EuroELS
135.   Toluene Static Headspace GC-MS TOLUEN SHSGCM EuroELS
136.   Total Coliforms Colilert TotCol COLILE EuroELS
137.   Total Coliforms Colilert Quanti-Tray (51 Well) TotCol ColiQT51 EuroELS
138.   Total Coliforms Colilert Quanti-Tray (97 well) TotCol ColiQT EuroELS
139.   Total Coliforms Colilert, MPN option TotCol ColMPN EuroELS
140.   Total Coliforms Colilert-18 Quantitray (51 wel TotCol Co18QT51 EuroELS
141.   Total Coliforms ColiTag TotCol ColTag EuroELS
142.   Total Coliforms Membrane Filtration TotCol MF EuroELS
143.   Total Coliforms Readycult Coliforms, Merck TotCol ReadyC EuroELS
144.   Total Cyanide (as CN) Colorimetry (unspecified reag) TCN COLOR EuroELS
145.   Total Cyanide (as CN) Distillation TCN DISTIL EuroELS
146.   Trichloroethene Static Headspace GC-MS T3CEE SHSGCM EuroELS
147.   Triclopyr Liq. Chrom Mass Spec Mass Spec TRICHL LCMSMS EuroELS
148.   Trifluralin Liquid Liquid Extract. GCMS TRIFLU LLEGCM EuroELS
149.   Uranium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec U ICPMS EuroELS
150.   Vinyl Chloride Static Headspace GC-MS VINYLC SHSGCM EuroELS
151.   Xylenes Static Headspace GC-MS Xylene SHSGCM EuroELS

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 21 Oct 2019.



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