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Central Environmental Labs


Address PO Box 8017
Palmerston North (nul
Phone (06) 351-4475
Fax (06) 353-8519
Email cenlab@cenlab.co.nz
Website www.cenlab.co.nz

31 Analytical Tests

No.   Determinand Full Name Method Full Name Determinand Short Method Short Lab Short
1.   Arsenic Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec As ICPMS CenEnvLabs
2.   Barium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Ba ICPMS CenEnvLabs
3.   Boron Colorimetry (unspecified reag) B COLOR CenEnvLabs
4.   Boron Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec B ICPMS CenEnvLabs
5.   Cadmium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Cd ICPMS CenEnvLabs
6.   Chlorine (Elemental) Titration using Indicator Cl(E) ITIT CenEnvLabs
7.   Chromium Flame Atomic Absorption Spec. Cr AAS CenEnvLabs
8.   Chromium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Cr ICPMS CenEnvLabs
9.   Copper Flame Atomic Absorption Spec. Cu AAS CenEnvLabs
10.   Copper Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Cu ICPMS CenEnvLabs
11.   E. coli Colilert Ecoli COLILE CenEnvLabs
12.   E. coli Colilert Quanti-Tray (97 well) Ecoli ColiQT CenEnvLabs
13.   E. coli Membrane Filtration Ecoli MF CenEnvLabs
14.   Faecal Coliforms Membrane Filtration FC MF CenEnvLabs
15.   Fluoride Ion Chromatography F IC CenEnvLabs
16.   Lead Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Pb ICPMS CenEnvLabs
17.   Manganese Flame Atomic Absorption Spec. Mn AAS CenEnvLabs
18.   Manganese Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Mn ICPMS CenEnvLabs
19.   Molybdenum Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Mo ICPMS CenEnvLabs
20.   Nickel Flame Atomic Absorption Spec. Ni AAS CenEnvLabs
21.   Nickel Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Ni ICPMS CenEnvLabs
22.   Nitrate (as NO3) Ion Chromatography NO3 IC CenEnvLabs
23.   Nitrite (as NO2) Ion Chromatography NO2 IC CenEnvLabs
24.   pH pH Meter pH PHM CenEnvLabs
25.   Selenium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec Se ICPMS CenEnvLabs
26.   Temperature Thermometer TEMP THERM CenEnvLabs
27.   Total Coliforms Colilert TotCol COLILE CenEnvLabs
28.   Total Coliforms Colilert Quanti-Tray (97 well) TotCol ColiQT CenEnvLabs
29.   Total Coliforms Membrane Filtration TotCol MF CenEnvLabs
30.   Turbidity Turbidity Meter Turb TMET CenEnvLabs
31.   Uranium Ind Coupled Plasma + Mass Spec U ICPMS CenEnvLabs

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 21 Oct 2019.



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