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MoH Recognised Labs

Ministry of Health Recognised Laboratories

To demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Drinking-Water Standards 2000, water suppliers need to monitor the quality of their drinking-water by taking water samples and having them analysed. The Ministry of Health requires all such testing to be performed by laboratories that have appropriate skills and quality assurance procedures.

These laboratories, each with a specified list of tests, are recorded in the Register of Ministry of Health Recognised Laboratories.

On behalf of the Ministry, International Accreditation New Zealand.(IANZ) manages this Register using the Drinking Water Online database. If a laboratory requires an update to their tests, they should consult with IANZ.

There is no general registration option for a laboratory. Each determinand and method combination they require must be fully specified in the Register. This takes place following application to, investigation and accreditation by IANZ.

The current Register of MoH Recognised Laboratories can be fully queried on these web pages. Data is updated weekly. Alternatively, Drinking Water Online users can see this information in their copy of the database.

All tests registered will be for determinands listed in the New Zealand Drinking-Water Standards 2000. Methods for these tests will usually be reference methods as defined in the Standards, but other documented methods may be acceptable if the laboratory can demonstrate calibration against the referee method..

Laboratory Test Statistics

906 tests are recognised by the Ministry of Health as at 2 Nov 2021 (National DWO data extraction date.).

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