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Water Supplies

Priority 2 Determinands

Microbiological contaminants should be monitored for in all supplies and hence are known as Priority 1 determinands. A second level, defined as Priority 2 determinands, do not have to be measured in every supply but are specified for only those supplies which the Ministry of Health believes exceed half the maximum allowable value (MAV) for a particular health-significant determinand.

Only supplies with populations of 100 or more have been assessed, and the population must be at least 500 before a Priority 2 determinand is officially assigned and appears in the Register of Community Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand (and hence have "Test for" in these web pages.)

Currently Assigned Official Priority 2 Determinands

This list will be updated weekly from the National DWO database.

Treatment Plants

Click on an abbreviation to see a list of Supplies receiving water from Plants with this P2 Determinand

Abbrev. Determinand Plants for Zones in Supplies Zone Pop
As Arsenic 3 3 2 10,393
F Fluoride 51 133 43 2,529,845
MAVNOx MAV sum ratio for NO3 and NO2 1 1 1 3,720
NO3 Nitrate (as NO3) 4 4 4 42,048
Rn222 Radon-222 1 1 1 828
Talpha Total Alpha Activity 1 1 1 116

Distribution Zones

Click on an abbreviation to see a list of Distribution Zones with this P2 Determinand

Abbreviation Determinand Assigned Population
As Arsenic 9 24,662
CHBCl2 Bromodichloromethane 3 21,564
Cu Copper 1 400
DCA Dichloroacetic acid 7 9,360
Pb Lead 6 18,509
Mn Manganese 1 570
MAVHAA MAV sum ratio for HAAs 16 91,712
MAVTHM MAV sum ratio for THMs 19 139,566
CACA Monochloroacetic Acid 2 2,860
NO3 Nitrate (as NO3) 11 18,894
TCA Trichloroacetic acid 4 4,713

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 2 Nov 2021.



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