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Water Supplies

Officially Assigned Priority 2 Determinands

Treatment Plants for Radon-222

1 treatment plants supplying 828 people in 1 drinking-water zones within 1 supplies.

Fewer than 0.1% of the 4,221,291 people in New Zealand on networked or specified self supplies receive this water.

Supplies connected to these Plants are shown. Click one to see its plants as part of its structure.



P2 Supply Zones Zone Population Supply Pop*
Rn222 Oxford Rural No1 1 828 828

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 13 Oct 2021.


If supply and zone populations differ, then additional zones within this supply are receiving water from plants that don't have this Priority 2 determinand assigned. Refer to the individual supply structure page to see which zones are affected.



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