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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National DWO Database.

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Register of Drinking-Water Suppliers for New Zealand

Centennial Drive   –   Supply Structure

District Health Board: Toi Te Ora Public Health

Component Code Name Population   Grading
Supply: CEN001 Centennial Drive 200    
      Supply category: Networked Supply      
      Local Authority: Taupo District Council      
      Supplier: Taupo District Council      
  Zone: CEN001RR Rakanui Road 200   u
      Test for: As  
    Plant: TP02987 Centennial Nursery     U
    - Source: S01002   Centennial Drv, Waikato River      

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 6 Jul 2020.



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