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Managed by ESR for the Ministry of Health.         Data extracted from the National DWO Database.

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Register of Drinking-Water Suppliers for New Zealand

Christchurch   –   Supply Structure

District Health Board: Community and Public Health

Component Code Name Population   Grading
Supply: CHR001 Christchurch 381,816    
      Supply category: Networked Supply      
      Local Authority: Christchurch City Council      
      Supplier: Christchurch City Council      
  Zone: CHR001CE Central Christchurch 158,250   u
    Plant: TP00179 Central Christchurch     U
    - Source: G00118   Central CHCH, Aquifer 1      
    - Source: G00119   Central CHCH, Aquifer 2      
    - Source: G00120   Central CHCH, Aquifer 3      
    - Source: G00121   Central CHCH, Aquifer 4      
    - Source: G01602   Central CHCH, Aquifer 5      
    Plant: TP04053 Main Pumps     U
    - Source: G00118   Central CHCH, Aquifer 1      
  Zone: CHR001FE Ferrymead 16,847   u
    Plant: TP04060 Ferrymead     U
    - Source: G03095   Ferrymead Aquifer 1      
    - Source: G03096   Ferrymead Aquifer 4      
    - Source: G03097   Ferrymead Aquifer 5      
  Zone: CHR001NO Northwest Christchurch 86,160   Da
    Plant: TP00181 NW CHCH     D
    - Source: G02162   NW CHCH Aquifer 3      
    - Source: G00122   NW CHCH, Aquifer 1      
    - Source: G00123   NW CHCH, Aquifer 2      
    - Source: G01598   NW CHCH, Aquifer 4      
    - Source: G00125   NW CHCH, Aquifer 5      
  Zone: CHR001PA Parklands 20,139   u
    Plant: TP00182 Parklands     U
    - Source: G00126   Parklands, Aquifer 2      
    - Source: G03132   Parklands, Aquifer 3      
    - Source: G00127   Parklands, Aquifer 4      
  Zone: CHR001RA Rawhiti 30,838   u
    Plant: TP04061 Rawhiti     U
    - Source: G03098   Rawhiti Aquifer 2      
    - Source: G03099   Rawhiti Aquifer 3      
    - Source: G03100   Rawhiti Aquifer 4      
    - Source: G03101   Rawhiti Aquifer 5      
  Zone: CHR001RI Riccarton 11,771   u
    Plant: TP00185 Riccarton     U
    - Source: G00131   Riccarton, Aquifer 2      
    - Source: G01599   Riccarton, Aquifer 4      
  Zone: CHR001WE West Christchurch 57,811   u
    Plant: TP00183 West Christchurch     U
    - Source: G00128   West CHCH, Aquifer 2      
    - Source: G01601   West CHCH, Aquifer 3      
    - Source: G02147   West CHCH, Aquifer 4      

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 2 Nov 2021.



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