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Register of Drinking-Water Suppliers for New Zealand

Wellington Region Bulk Water   –   Supply Structure

District Health Board: Regional Public Health

Component Code Name Population   Grading
Supply: WEL003 Wellington Region Bulk Water 350,000    
      Supply category: Bulk Supply - Networked      
      Local Authority: Upper Hutt City Council      
      Supplier: Greater Wellington Water      
  Zone: WEL003LH Wgtn.Bulk Lower Hutt 69,000   Ba1
    Plant: TP00203 Waterloo     B
      Test for: F  
    - Source: G00449   Bloomfield Terrace Well      
    - Source: G00444   Colin Grove Well      
    - Source: G00448   Hautana Street Well      
    - Source: G00445   Mahoe Street Well      
    - Source: G00442   Penrose St. Well 1      
    - Source: G00443   Penrose St. Well 2      
    - Source: G00446   Willoughby 2 Well 1      
    - Source: G00447   Willoughby 2 Well 2      
  Zone: WEL003SW Wgtn.Bulk South Wellington 132,000   A1a1
    Plant: TP00202 Gear Island     A1
      Test for: F  
    - Source: G01729   Bloomfield Tce. for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G01724   Colin Grove Well for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G00144   Gear Island Wells      
    - Source: G01728   Hautana St Well for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G01725   Mahoe St Well for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G01722   Penrose St Well 1 for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G01723   Penrose St Well 2 for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G01726   Willoughby 2/1 for Gear Is.      
    - Source: G01727   Willoughby 2/2 for Gear Is.      
    Plant: TP00199 Te Marua     A1
      Test for: F  
    - Source: S00118   Hutt River      
    - Source: S00631   Te Marua Lakes      
    Plant: TP00201 Wainuiomata     A1
      Test for: F  
    - Source: S00434   Big Huia River      
    - Source: S00435   George Creek, High Level      
    - Source: S00436   George Creek, Low Level      
    - Source: S00121   Orongorongo River      
    - Source: S00120   Wainuiomata River      
  Zone: WEL003UH Wgtn.Bulk Upp.Hutt Porirua 149,000   A1a1
    Plant: TP00199 Te Marua     A1
      Test for: F  
    - Source: S00118   Hutt River      
    - Source: S00631   Te Marua Lakes      

Source: Drinking Water Online, as extracted from the National DWO database on 4 Nov 2019.



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